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CBD Company Website Design

Posted On January 10, 2020

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HBD International hired me to build them a fully customized, e-commerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce. This design was built from the ground up, as this was their first website for this product.

The main themes we decided on during our brainstorming sessions were light, clean, modern, and fun. After creating a few graphics and getting a feel for what their definition of “fun” was, I began on the website mockup. From there, once they approved the final design, I built out the backend and then got the front end developed over the next few weeks. I had only done a few e-commerce websites using WooCommerce in the past, so I was really pleased to get to work on another one.

Written by Connor Schmitt

Hello, I'm Connor. I've been building websites for over 10 years.


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